About Us
Crafting products that speak for you

We are a passionate team consisting of experienced designers and developers with years of industrial experience that aims to create unique products that reflect our clients and their businesses. 

Our name is derived from the word “Co-design” - collaborative design. We adopt collaborative workflow, actively listening and working closely with our clients throughout the entire journey. Our values are grounded in “Co-create, Listen and Care.”

We co-create - We strongly believe in collaboration, working closely with our clients throughout the entire process from ideation to production.

We listen - We listen to our customers and users ensuring that our recommended solutions are aligned with their needs and budget.

We care - We care and take pride in our work. Consider us your trusted assistant and dedicated team members. We are committed to making things happen! 

What we are best at

Our Services

We provide UX workshops and frameworks tailored to the product development team needs.

UX Advisory

Our framework empowers product teams to adopt design thinking alongside with decision-making skills to build successful products that are not only desirable for the users but also meet business requirements. We provide customised frameworks and resources tailored to meet the demands of each project.

We help startups to create their first prototype for idea validation or to use it for potential investor pitch.


We assist startups to transform vision into reality by crafting initial prototypes for idea validation and investor pitches at a lower cost. This approach enables clients to gain an understanding of market demand before committing to the business.

We help clients to conceptualise products and websites through the understanding of their business needs and project goals.

Web/App Design & Development

We adopt a collaborative workflow, working closely with our clients to ensure that the products align with their vision, business requirements, and budget. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to bringing their vision to life.

We help clients to build market presence by creating effective branding that increase relevancy to target audience, communicating brand values and establish brand associations.

Brand Collateral

We create brand collateral that represents our clients’ businesses. From conceptualisation to development of brand collateral, we aim to establish a brand identity that resonates with our clients’ customers and fosters brand recognition.

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