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What we believe in
Co-creating with client to bring ideas to life

Who we are

We are a team consisting of experienced designers and developers with years of industrial experience working on projects across various industries. We deliver tailored solutions for companies who don’t require a permanent headcount.

Consider us your trusted assistant and dedicated team members. We are committed to making things happen!

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Image showing services such as ux advisory, prototyping ,web/app design & development and brand collateral.

What we do

We provide ad-hoc design and development services such as UX advisory, prototyping, web/app design and development, and brand collateral to businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

Our approach is flexible and scalable ensuring that our recommended solutions are aligned with your needs and budget. We strongly believe in collaboration, actively listening and working closely with our clients throughout the entire process from ideation to production.

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Image showing that we offer flexible and scalable solutions such as web/app design and development.

What our customers say

"I had the pleasure to work with Jmin on a mobile app project to redesign the entire Ui &UX. What impresses me about her is her keen eye for detail and her dedication to understand the entire user journey. It's been an enjoyable experience working with her and she has been a great professional. With her years of experience in UX, she is definitely able to give valuable advise and solutions that enhance the overall user experience of the product. I would definitely recommend companies to work with her if they want to revamp their UX!"

Justin Chin, Start up founder

"Had the pleasure to work with Jmin on a branding exercise for an F&B Group startup.The experience is something exceptional. Jmin is spot on and sharp in developing what we need, in the way we want it. She is able to conceptualize, and convert thoughts & comments into an actual product. She is a professional, delivering whatever that is promised, within the timeline agreed. Would recommend Jmin to anyone who needs to materialize a concept in mind, with a pinch of creativeness."

Alan Ang, Business Owner

"Jmin is a great listener. She’s attentive to details and adds her own twist, coming up with visually pleasing designs. Highly recommended!"

Fanny, Business Owner

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